Expert calls for abandonment of Monster SUV

Expert calls for abandonment of Monster SUV 

The car maker should in the opinion of the expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer on the German market, due to the climate protection, on particularly large off-road vehicles. Although the segment of increasingly unpopular “SUV monsters” has grown in recent years, it is increasingly endangering its brand image, writes the director of the CAR Institute at the University of Duisburg-Essen in an analysis.

SUVs are reducing the credibility

“In Germany, it might make sense not to offer these models – it would be a way to increase credibility in the climate debate.” The smaller SUV models, however, consumed little more than other cars.

Dispensing with diesel engines saves development costs

Dudenhöffer suggested alternatively in the very big car a waiver of diesel variants, which would find hardly any buyers in the US anyway, but in this country would often be ordered. A waiver of diesel engines would save on the one hand development costs and on the other hand increase the social acceptance of premium manufacturers, said the expert.

Dominant segment

After evaluating the registration statistics, SUVs / off-road vehicles were the dominating segment in the German car market in the first half of the year with a share of 31.4 percent. The Institute of the Monster category counts only small, but growing proportions: 3.9 percent of the SUVs were longer than 4.90 meters, including the popular Audi Q7 / Q8, BMW X5 / X7, Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe / GLS. Wider than 1.99 meters were 16 models with a segment share of 2 percent. According to Dudenhöffers, this is a niche for which one should not endanger the brand.

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