Daimler production: works council is for more cooperation between German manufacturers

Daimler production: works council is for more cooperation between German manufacturers
Daimler works council chief Michael Brecht calls for a significantly expanded cooperation of the German carmaker. “I am of the opinion that in autonomous driving a broad alliance of German manufacturers is necessary,” said Brecht the industry and business newspaper Automobilwoche. “Here, in the end, as in aviation, there will be a standard that is not decisive for the competition.”

Closer cooperation with BMW becomes necessary

Brecht also pleaded for even closer cooperation between the Daimler Group and direct competitor BMW. “It will certainly be necessary to collaborate on more points. Especially where a lot of money is needed and the differentiation does not suffer, “says Brecht. Daimler cooperates with BMW on mobility services, the development of driver assistance systems and a shopping platform.

Daimler Production: Locations are to be kept stable

Despite the renewed profit warning of the Daimler Group, job cuts in Germany should be avoided. “We currently assume that we can get by with the on-board resources,” said Brecht. “I’m glad that we make other announcements to the workforce than Ford, Opel or even VW, which indeed reduce all jobs.” The expansion of the plant in Kecskemét, Hungary was postponed, instead, the GLC is now built in Sindelfingen. “Our primary concern is to keep the existing production sites stable,” emphasized Brecht. The production of components for electromobility should also contribute to this. “We are currently fighting for jobs here and want to make the electric powertrain in Untertürkheim so that the aggregate plants are working at full capacity.”

Missing skilled workers and suppliers cause problems in the USA

If Daimler boss Ola Källenius announces in the next few days the figures for the second quarter, the group will show after a recent profit warning a loss of 1.6 billion euros. It had last been ten years ago. The reason for this is the limited availability of vehicles. “A cause for the start-up problems are certainly the missing skilled workers and suppliers, for example in the USA”, said Brecht. He demanded: “In any case, we have to stop the problems quickly and then analyze them precisely. This kind of thing can not happen to us anymore. “

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