Carlos Ghosn files suit against Nissan and Mitsubishi

Ex-Automanager Carlos Ghosn reicht Klage ein 

Former Renault top manager Carlos Ghosn has filed suit against Nissan and Mitsubishi in the Netherlands. A spokeswoman Ghosns in Paris confirmed on Friday a corresponding report of the French newspaper “Le Figaro”. According to this, Ghosn accuses Nissan and Mitsubishi of abusive termination of his employment contract as an employee of NMBV. This is a subsidiary of the two Japanese carmakers based in the Netherlands.

Carlos Ghosn claims 12 million euros in damages

According to Le Figaro, Ghosn claims 15 million euros in damages. The lawyers of the 65 -year-old therefore argue that Ghosn resigned his office with the joint venture of Renault and Nissan (RNBV). That does not apply however to his post at NMBV. According to Ghosn’s lawyers, the breach of contract is not well founded.

Ghosn is accused of violating Japanese stock market regulations

Following the arrest of Ghosn in Japan, the French-Japanese car alliance between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi that he had created and controlled had run into a leadership crisis. Ghosn had been accused of violating stock market regulations in Japan. This denies the allegations.

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