Aiways electric SUV drives from China to Germany

Aiways electric SUV drives from China to Germany 

Two Aiways electric SUV are driving from China to Germany. There they should arrive in time for the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. The Chinese automaker is testing its U5 model on this route, which, according to the company, is approximately 14,200 kilometers long. The journey leads through the Gobi, Kazakhstan and Russia to Europe, Autonews reports.

Tour serves as a promotion for the sale of Aiways electric SUV

Two U5 prototypes left the city of Xian in central China on July 17, 2019. The IAA begins in the first week of September. The action should not only prove that such a ride is possible but also serves advertising purposes. Aiways plans to launch the sale of the U5 in April 2020 in Europe.

Competition with Audi Q5 – the Aiways U5

The Aiways U5 is about the size of an Audi Q5. According to the manufacturer, the Aiways Electric SUV has a range of 460 km, whereby the test cycle was not specified. An additional battery pack, which should be optional, is to extend the range to 560 km. Prices are still missing.

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