Car sharing service Ha: mo Ride: Toyota promotes safe driving

Car sharing service Ha: mo Ride: Toyota promotes safe driving

Toyota wants to raise awareness among users of the car-sharing service “Ha: mo Ride” for safe driving. To this end, the company is conducting an analysis of collected driving data in Japanese Toyota City in September and October together with three other project partners.

Points system rewards safe driving with rewards

The data is used to evaluate the driving behavior of Ha: mo users. The prerequisite is that the users have agreed in advance to an evaluation of their data. The participants are assigned to five different categories and rewarded with a points system for safe driving.

For example, you can use your earned Ha: mo Points to pay some of the royalty, or convert it into points for other systems used in Toyota City, such as Toyota Ecopoints, which are awarded for environmentally sound behavior, or PeX Points, which are for many different services and products can be redeemed. This field trial will run from 9th September to 13th October.

Ha: mo Ride service staff should calm down in case of a crash via a call

Part of the project is also a special service in situations where the vehicle is involved in an accident. If the onward journey is impaired, a service employee is automatically informed who calls and calms the affected driver on his registered mobile phone number.

Ha: mo Ride is a car-sharing service with small and narrow, one- or two-seat Toyota electric cars currently offered alongside Toyota City in three other Japanese cities as well as Bangkok (Thailand). The aim is to combine the freedom of individual mobility with the reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions as well as with the solution of inner-city traffic problems. The upcoming tests are part of Toyota’s and the other project partners’ efforts to drive society’s connectivity in Toyota City and to establish systems that make mobility safer and more convenient for all road users.

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