Mosolf E-Trucks: Production in Herne

Mosolf E-Trucks: Production in Herne

In Herne, electrically powered Mosolf E-Trucks will be manufactured in the future. From January 2020, production is scheduled to start on a part of the site of a former construction company, as the city of Herne announced on Wednesday. The company “Mosolf” would like to produce between 1500 and 2800 vehicles in the coming year. It should be up to 3000 pieces per year in a row.

Also research and development in Herne

According to the manufacturer, similar vehicles are already on the market in China and the USA. Now the company wants to bring this type of Mosolf E-Trucks on the market in Europe. There are two different models available.

Initially, 15 to 16 employees start production, and later about 50 are scheduled. Not only the production, but also research and development should take place in Herne. Among other things, the company wants to work closely with the universities.

“There are several colleges in the immediate vicinity where engineers can be trained to hire,” said Gregory Hancke, board member of Mosolf E-Trucks

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