Uber launches new offer for group rides UberXL in Berlin

Uber launches new offer for group rides UberXL in Berlin

The car broker Uber continues to expand its offer in Berlin with a service for group travel called UberXL. With UberXL, groups of up to six people could travel together to a destination, even from different locations, the company announced on Monday. There should be room for up to six people, with luggage left for four. The offer is for occasions such as meetings or family reunions where several people approach a destination.

Uber Groupride: Share travel costs via app

For UberXL are mainly larger hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius + or classic Vans from Merceds come with a professional driver used. Stopovers to pick up additional passengers can also be entered when booking for one trip. Travel costs are stated in the smartphone app for start at booking and can be shared among the riders. In Berlin, the payment for the Uber Groupride should also be possible by cash.

Taxis are in trouble with Uber

In Germany, the US company is in particular with the taxi industry in the clinch and is often criticized in other countries because of his working conditions. Just a few weeks ago in Berlin, the company launched bright red pedelecs for hire under the Jump brand of its eponymous subsidiary. In addition, Uber offers via its app with UberX rental car with driver and regular taxi rides (UberTaxi).

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