New BMW boss is determined – clear announcements desired

New BMW CEO is determined - clear announcements desired

The BMW supervisory board wants to elect on Thursday at the US plant Spartanburg a new BMW CEO. The job is well endowed with around five million euros a year, but it’s also a bone job. The former BMW boss Harald Krüger has thrown the towel after four years. As a successor wanted and probably already found a strong leadership team player and engineer from the house.

The upheaval of the auto industry represents a gigantic challenge

“I am sure that the company and the employees strive for a mutually agreed solution,” says the Munich IG Metall boss Horst Lischka, who co-decided on Thursday as a member of the BMW Supervisory Board. “The upheaval in the auto industry, the challenges are so gigantic that this should be done in a coordinated and well-publicized process, which we have spent enough time in the past few weeks.”

New competitors make competition more difficult


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