Mercedes AMG expects to sells 45,000 cars in 2014 – plus 50 %

Mercedes AMG sold 45,000 cars in 2014 - 50% more

High Performance on the uptrend: Mercedes-tuner AMG is selling more than 45,000 cars in 2014. “We have increased our sales by 50 percent in the first quarter,” said AMG CEO Tobias Moers, to the automotive week. “I assume that this growth will continue throughout the year.” Thus the AMG sales have doubled within two years.

Last year AMG had sold 32,200 vehicles, thus it already exceeded their planned sales goal for 2017. Their own tuning company had made ​​30,000 cars on the 50th anniversary. “Currently We are working on a new strategy,” Moers said. It might also have contained the new sales goal.

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