Imagine a car that tailor-fits your needs based on your routine: what interior temperature do you prefer during your morning drive to work? What kind of music do you listen to on your way home or which routes do you take when you go to the gym? How about the ideal seat heating temperatures you prefer during winter?

Watch our video interview at CES with Johann Jungwirth, President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development in Silicon Valley as he demonstrates how Mercedes’ “Predictive User Experience” will shape the future of its automobiles and how it will make the driving experience a whole lot better.


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Daimler Daimler AG (German pronunciation: [ˈdaɪmlɐ aːˈɡeː]; formerly DaimlerChrysler) is a German multinational automotive corporation. Daimler AG is headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. By unit sales, it is the thirteenth-largest car manufacturer and second-largest truck manufacturer in the world. In addition to automobiles, Daimler manufactures buses and provides financial services through its Daimler Financial Services arm. Read more

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