CES | Car Gadgets: Garmin Unveils Dash Cam and Head-up Display HUD+

Navigation tech specialist Garmin unveils three new products at this year’s CES: a new entry-level 6-inch Navi, the HUD + and a Dash Cam – the first car camera from Garmin.

The Nuvi 66LMT comes with a bigger 6-inch display, Garmin Real Voice add-on and the POI Along the route feature which indicates interesting destinations like the nearest ATM or a nearby gas station.

Meanwhile, the Dash Cam, which comes equipped with an HD camera mounted using a suction cup on the windshield provides a wide-angle perspective of the traffic, record automatically once the engine is started and ends when destination is reached. A built in sensor detects sudden brakes and collisions and saves the recordings before and during a collision. Garmin offers two variants of the Dash Cam – with or without an integrated GPS sensor, which saves videos and their time and geo location codes that points where and when the video was taken. The camera with integrated GPS sensor costs 229 euros, while the basic version, is priced at 199 euros. All three new products will be available from February 2014 in the market.

+ Link: GARMIN

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