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This May Be What's Needed to Stop Distracted Driving

As we all know there is a tragic problem of drivers being distracted by cell phones and other electronic devices, resulting in fatal accidents. Distracted driving accounts for 10 % of traffic fatalities, and a much effort is being put into trying to alleviate this problem. Good news is someone seems to have what appears to be an effective plan to try and solve this issue.

The associate administrator for vehicle safety research at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Nathaniel Beuse, says that a technological solution is needed which will deactivate a mobile device if the driver attempts to use it. This task would be achieved by using a proximity sensor which would be installed in either the device or the vehicle.

This sensor would acknowledge when the vehicle is in motion and in return force the driver to stop using the device through the use of  an annoying sound activated in such cases.

The NHTSA and the DOT have also come up with similar ideas to would aid in the effort. Their idea involved car electronics such as entertainment units to ban functions like video play, internet surfing and social media use whilst the vehicle is in motion.

Now nobody wants to hear that and it may just be what’s needed to make driving and using these devices look like a terrible idea. These are some good solutions with high  potential of fixing the problem of driver distractions and it would be good if they could be put  it into use pronto.


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