Connected Cars | Mercedes brings “Comand Online” to C-class and E-class models

Connected Cars | Mercedes brings

Much faster than expected, German-based car maker Mercedes-Benz equips other models besides its S-Class series with the real-time traffic information system “Comand Online”. According to “auto motor und sport”, the company has confirmed, that currently produced C-Class models already have the system embedded  Starting September, the E-Class will follow. However, already delivered cars can not be retrofitted with the “Comand Online”  system.

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Relevant traffic data for the system such as traffic reports, current traffic, congestion on the route or risk messages is coming from navigation specialist TomTom. Or risk messages are transmitted over a separate communications box with its own SIM card in real time in the car – and thus independent from the mobile phone of the driver.

These data reach the car navigation system and the traffic data faster than normal, so that the driver can respond quickly. For extra fast data transmission Mercedes is working with Deutsche Telekom.

Mercedes is currently considered to transfer more Internet services on the communication box. These include online features such as weather information, news, and Google services that are currently transmitted over the driver’s mobile phone via Bluetooth.

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