MotorBlog Watch | Aug 5, 2013 : Subaru, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Ford

MotorBlog WatchMercedes-Benz CW 311 Supercar, aka Isdera Imperator Prototype for Sale in Germany An ultra-rare classic Mercedes-Benz CW 311 prototype (originally conceived as a rival for the Ford GT40) is up for sale in Germany, for just under one million euros. (CARSCOOPS)+++

The next generation Audi Q7 undergoes development, to be based on MQB modular platform
Automobiles have been resorting to the use of modular platforms, which they describe to be cost efficient ways of streamlining production. In other words, manufactures have designed automobile platforms that can be stretched and molded in easy ways allowing for manufacturing flexibility. (EGMCARTECH)+++

Japanese Government and Auto Industry Team Up on $1.025 Billion EV Charging Plan
Japan is pushing an ambitious $1.025 billion (100.5 Yuen) plan to install a national electric vehicle charging infrastructure powered by renewable energy, and the government is enlisting the help of the auto industry to make it a reality.  (INHABITAT)+++

Combining electric cars and car-sharing to fight range anxiety
BMW will offer its EV customers an option called “add-on mobility” that would allow them to use a full-size BMW X5 SUV up to several weeks per year, either for family trips, as a backup, or whenever needed. (TREEHUGGER)+++

Ford surveillance system has got police officers’ backs
Ford has developed technology to give police officers more protection against someone sneaking up behind their vehicle. (AUTONEWS)+++

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