AutoMotorTech | Car Hackers: Let’s Go and Hack a Prius! #Video

AutoMotorTech | Auto Hackers: : Let's Go and Hack a Prius! #Video

The youngsters are just having a bit of fun. Hackers never intend to do harm. The two here demonstrate the fun they have after taking over the car’s electronic systems.

On behalf of Forbes, the two computer security freaks have removed a Toyota Prius dashboard, exposed the electronic equipment behind it, and set to work with their laptop. Look what they can do! They can turn off the brakes from the back seat, play with the steering wheel, as well as all sorts of other mayhem.

As it is a test, Editor Andy Greenberg has a lot of amusement at the car constantly honking or the seatbelt tightening. And more glee at the fuel gauge going from three quarters empty to 100% full or the speedo jumping to 199mph.

What have we learned? Our 21st century automobiles contain a lot of tech that both we and other should leave in peace.

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