Motor Business | Daimler plans new plant for C-class in Brazil – to build 20,000 cars per year

MotorBusiness |  Daimler baut neues Werk für C-Klasse in Brasilien

According to leading German newsmagazine “Der Spiegel”, car maker Mercedes-Benz will build a new factory in Brazil. Key reason for this project in this rapidly growing region: Mercedes is suffering from high import duties for the sale of imported vehicles. The production of the C-Class in Brazil should be starting no later than 2015, the report states.

Initially, a production capacity of approximately 20,000 cars per year is planned – it things go well, production numbers should be extended, the source said. Overall, the Management Board and Supervisory Board of Daimler will decide in the coming months in which Brazilian state the factory will be built.

The new production board member Andreas Renschler is also implementing the strategy of the future more vehicles from Mercedes-Benz to produce abroad. Since 2012, the B-Class is built in Hungary. In the U.S. plant in Tuscaloosa, where so far especially the M-Class is produced, Mercedes C-Class models will be mounted starting next year.

Mercedes-Benz wants to prevent manufacturing from Germany to Relocate abroad. The new production will bring additional sales in markets that are protected by customs barriers or currency fluctuations which complicate the business.

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