Social Media | Welcome to the Show! Opel CEO Neumann Twitters

Social Media | Welcome to the Show! Opel CEO Neumann Twitters

Bill Gates does it. Barack Obama does it. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber do it, and particularly successfully too. And added to this illustrious list is a certain @KT_Neumann. We are talking about twittering.

The only question is, who is this Neumann alias @KT_Neumann? Well well well: no less than Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, the big chief at Opel, who will now “inform personally about Opel” in the 140-character net service.

For Opel, this is even worth a press statement. “As the first executive chairman of a European automobile manufacturer, Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann will with immediate effect inform actively via the twitter short news service”, so the statement.

While we doubt that Mr. Neumann personally will hammer away at his laptop’s keys instead of his PR crew, we await with baited breath what will actually be twittered “personally” by the Opel CEO.

One step – an indeed clever and important one – has already been undertaken by @KT_Neumann in his new twitter sphere. He is following @motorblog_com. Yup – that’s us. Why not follow us too…

p.s. Thanks to Mr. Neumann for following us – as a gesture in return, here are Opel’s social media channels ;) (German)

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