Geek Vehicles | Say Hello to The Awesome Korres Project 4 #Video

Was ein Corvette-Motor alles vorantreibt... #Video

A Greek architect named Dimitris Korres is the creator of the badass Korres Project 4. The vehicle is powered by a 505hp, 7.0liter LS7 V8 from a Corvette. Seeing as the Project 4 only weighs 3,527 pounds, it can achieve 0-60mph in only 3.8 seconds and that, my friends, is superrrrr fast!

Apart from the performance, one of the most outstanding features of the Project 4 has to be its suspension which gives the project the ability to adjust the ride height up and down, so it can be driven over multiple different types of terrain at high speeds. We foresee tons of fun to be had with the Korres Project 4.

Additionally, it features locking differentials in the front and rear so the power from that V8 can just completely be harnessed.

Surely adrenaline junkies and performance minded people alike would enjoy. At this point, there is only one thing left to say; Dear Santa…

+ Link: World Car Fans | Greek Reporter | Photo: Screenshot

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