Sister Models Offer Significant Price Advantages: SEAT Alhambra Beats the VW Sharan with 4100 Euro Difference

Schwestermodelle bieten enorme Preisvorteile

Car buyers can easily save several thousand euros if they look into ‘sister models’ of their primary choice in buying a new car. together with the magazine “Auto Motor and Sport” has found out that these sister models could have a retail value difference of more than 4000 euros while having the same engines and features.

This price difference is said to be due to different base prices, surcharges for add-ons and other discount policy.

For example, buyers of Skoda Citigo 1.0-liter 60 horsepower could save around 1,700 euros, compared to similar VW Up 1.0, due to lower surcharges for extras on the Skoda such as navigation and parking assistance.

The Skoda Citigo also warrants a 20.89 percent discount versus that of the VW which only comes with 13.25 percent.

Meanwhile, the Mitsubishi ASX saves a buyer €4573 euros compared to the identical Peugeot 4008 SUV and a good 1000 euro cheaper than the Citroen C4 Aircross. While the features navigation and parking assist is standard with their Mitsubishi counterpart, the Peugeot charges €1950 and Citroen asks for €2300 just for the parking assistance feature solely.

Even in bigger vehicles like vans, the price difference across sister models is significant. A VW will cost 27,955 euros for a well-equipped Sharan, while a similar Seat Alhambvra will only cost 23,850 euros.

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