AutoGeekStuff | VW Bus makes Toast

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RealGeekStuff | VW Bus makes Toast

Why, one may well ask, do really good marketing gadgets end up on the Japanese market, without our having a hope of getting our hands on them?

Has any reader ever managed to set eyes on one of these toasters, which not only resembles a VW bus, but also pops out slices of toast with the famous VW logo on them?

Apparently, customers were rewarded with the toaster when having their vehicles serviced. A total of 5,000 VW toasters were given to the company’s Japanese customers.

RealGeekStuff | VW Bus makes Toast

The only current way to get ones hands on a VW bus toaster is via eBay, with prices hovering around the 400 dollar mark – clearly something for the most fervent of fans. However, with the automobile market in its current difficulties, such a gift might surely not be such a bad idea. The construction of such a gadget, in China or elsewhere, can’t be that complicated…

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