Navigo: Compass at hand

Navigo: Compass at hand

Smartphones may have led practically to the extinction of the traditional city plan. This does not mean that the modern version is always the better, more practical choice than its predecessor.

For people that find constantly having to find their smartphone an irritant, Navigo, a GPS for your wrist, may be the answer.

Navigo points the way forward two-fold. Firstly, the clock-like surface has an abstract, easy to interpret compass. Secondly, the Navigo emits vibration signals.

Navigo: Kompass fürs Handgelenk

The manner of signalization depends on the mode chosen. If Compass mode is selected, the four vibration points steer the user towards North.

Proximity mode steers the driver towards another Navigo user. Navigation mode indicates how to get to a selected point which has been saved on the user’s smartphone. Bluetooth enables Navigo and smartphone to converse with each other.

Oh and…in order for the gadget to be where it should be, it is supplied with a wrist strap. A help, naturally, when one knows where one has to go, but not if one is on time…

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