Green Motor | Be.e Electric Scooter made from Compressed Plants #Video

Be.e Electric Scooter made from Compressed Plants #Video

From electric vehicles to electric bikes, we move on to electric scooters. Well, it’s similar to a motorcycle but this Be.e Electric Scooter is very impressive looking and green. It’s eco-efficient because it’s electric but it’s actually made from compressed plants, making the scooter ‘greener’.

An ordinary scooter alone is already considered environment-friendly but what do you know, there is still a way to make it better by using natural materials. Designed by Waarmakers, the Be.e scooter uses natural fiber-reinforced composites (NFC) instead of plastic and metal.

This reminds me of the Bamboo bike because both of them are greener than green.

Be.e Electric Scooter made from Compressed Plants #Video

The Be.e electric scooter was released only last June 27. It boasts of a 48V 40AH battery, a 60km range, 55km/hr top speed, nanocoated windshield, USB chargers, indicators, and LED lights. This is one hi-tech scooter, thanks to the USB ports in the dashboard.

The nanocoated windshield makes the scooter water repellant, making it best for wet weather. Scooter was designed and made in the Netherlands by Waarmakers’ Van.eko brand.

“Mobility has arrived at a cross-road over the last 30 years. Evermore gas-powered cars are cramming our cities, polluting our skies and wasting our time. It’s the focus area for van.eko: Creating better products today, for a better future tomorrow. The Be.e concept aims to provide a solution. Not just for the mobility issues, ours and future generations face, but also the challenges that our finite resources provide.” – van.eko

+ Links: Waarmakers | van.eko 

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