Green Motor | Aero Velo’s Human-powered Helicopter “Atlas” wins Sikorsky Prize #Video

AeroVelo Human-powered Helicopter

I’m pretty sure this was the Gamera Helicopter that we featured on our sister site in 2011. It was created to win the Sikorsky Prize and after almost two years, it did. Now known as the “Atlas”, this human-powered helicopter created by a Canadian startup Aero Velo just won the $250,000 Sikorsky Prize.

And why wouldn’t it win, the Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter can go up suspended about 10 feet high. Actually, this is different from the Gamera but the concept is very similar. The team behind this was able to raise funds via Kickstarter.

So has the human-powered helicopter a future? It’s possible but the likes of Reichert and Robertson, creators of this project, are yet to be discovered and given more opportunities.

+ Links: Aero Velo | inhabitat

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