BMW’s Matt Collins chats with Top Gear UK magazine about the M4 #Video

I’m sure a lot of people are interested as to what BMW is up to next. Some changes have been made lately including ending the BMW 3-Series which is also believed to be replaced by the BMW 4-Series and M4 as the first model. Car enthusiasts are shaking their heads over the decision.

UK’s Top Gear magazine finally had a chat with Matt Collins, BMW’s Product Manager for small to medium cars.

“I think a lot of purists look at the M3 all the way back to the E30, so there’s obviously a challenge there for people to accept it. If you look at the way the M brand has evolved over the years, there are a lot of things that people have had to get used to, for example, going from naturally aspirated to turbocharged engines. I think the essence of what M stands for – high performance motoring – will always be there, even if the individual components change.” – Matt Collins

Collins is assuring us that the M4 Coupe is going to be a great car as the company is focusing on lightweight engineering–using carbon fibers and other new materials.

No mention on the engine but rumor has it that BMW would be utilizing turbochargers. No lightweight CSL version of the M4 is part of the plan yet, or at least for now, but BMW will have to see the market’s feedback for lightweight cars first.

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