On the Road | Packing especially carefully when travelling

On the Road | Packing especially carefully when travelling

With the summer holidays fast approaching, travelers going by automobile are being advised to pack heavy items of baggage especially carefully. In the event of a crash at speed, the heavier items can quickly become a deadly danger. This warning comes from the automobile journal AUTOStrassenverkehr (Road Traffic). In crash tests organized by the German drivers’ association ADAC, suitcases weighing 20kg (44lbs) have a collision impact weight of around a half ton at 50 km/h (30 mph).

AUTO editor Stefan Cerchez warns that in the event of an accident sending suitcases and heavy bags flying into the passenger compartment, passengers can expect “critical injuries”. An unsecured object at an impact speed of 50 km/h reaches 30 to 50 times its weight on impact.

Baggage should therefore be especially carefully secured. Cerchez adds that lashing straps are very suitable for this purpose. “Many automobiles now come equipped with anchors for straps. A stable divide between the trunk and passenger compartment helps.” In addition, suitcases should always be on the floor and never above headrests. Small items should also not be placed on top of baggage, as they can shoot forward unchecked in the event of a collision.

Photo: mwichary via Flickr/cc

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