Ford betting big on Hybrids, ramping up MKZ Hybrid production

Ford is speeding up production for the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid sedan. This is according to Ford’s vice president of global product development Raj Nair who also mentioned that about 40 percent of Ford cars will be hybrids in the near futur.

At present, 20 percent of the MKZ production is composed of 2013 MKZ Hybrids. Demand for hybrid vehicles is higher than ever. From January to June of 2013, sales of hybrid by automakers reached 257,635. The number is up by 18.3% from last year based on Information from the Electric Drive Transportation Administration (EDTA).

Ford has profited the most from the sales increase selling three hybrid models: Lincoln MKZ, Fusion, and C-Max.

Expect the 2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid to be out before the year ends with a $35,000 starting price tag.

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