Green Motor | US national fleet fuel economy continues to improve

US national fleet fuel economy continues to improve

Cars, cars, cars. Cars today are more efficient than ever. It’s too early to say we’re in the green era but I know we’re entering that age. What with the greener technologies being introduced each day, from hybrid technology to electrified powertrains to turbo charging and development in active aerodynamics, automotive technology has reached a point where almost everything is efficient. Thanks to car manufacturers who are determined to make and offer us better vehicles at more affordable costs, at least, in the US.

TrueCar’s recent study shows the improvement in national fleet fuel economy using quantitative data.

Here are some of the findings:

  • Americans are 0.7 miles per gallon more efficient compared to last month
  • American cars are 1.6-mpg better compared to that in 2012
  • consumers are purchasing more efficient vehicles
  • Top 3 Brands: Hyundai, Volkswagen, Honda

Hyundai on top of the list isn’t really surprising because right now, the brand offers 10 models with 4-cylinder engines. Volkswagen has turbocharged and diesel models while Honda also offers vehicles with four-cylinder engines which are really eco-efficient.


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