Volvo working on new safety features #Video

Volvo working on new safety features #Video

Volvo is most popular for making really safe cars. That is one reason why Irv Gordon was able to keep his car and ride about 3 million miles throughout the years. The yet to be released 2015 Volvo XC90 will run on Volvo’s Scalable Platform Architecture hoping to avoid accidents on the road by detection and auto braking for cyclists, animals, other vehicles, and pedestrians.

Toad edge and barrier detection with steer assist technologies are also included. The latter steers the car back into the lane if it detects a barrier or if the driver is leaving the road. This means the car can steer itself automatically buy following traffic flow.

Volvo is more serious with safety advances that it signed a memorandum the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium. It includes possible standards for communication between vehicles by year 2016. Example of which is the Green Light Optimum Speed Advisory that tells the driver to slow down or the speed needed not to hit a stoplight.

There are many great things to be expected from Volvo. Expect to hear more improvements in the coming months.

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