Green Motor | Gas-Saving Drive with 20 grams of Fuel #Video

Green Motor | Gas-Saving Drive with 20 grams of Fuel #Video

Let’s get the figures right. Wait for it. 1,300 mpg. Not mph! With one gallon of gas, students at Brigham Young University want to put 1,300 miles behind them. That’s 550km on just one liter of fuel. The clever constructors from Utah call their fish-shaped construction “the slowest sports car in the world”.

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At this year’s SAE Supermileage competition in Michigan, students are given 20 grams of fuel to race down a ten mile long racing track. Average speed: 15 mph.

A small sachet of fuel sufficed last year for the vehicle to travel 1.135 miles. That was only enough for second place, however. The students are now raising their limits and dreaming of 2,000 mpg.

Pilot Caroline Sorenson speaks candidly about her weight. If she weighed too little, weight would need to be added for the competition. The vehicle itself manages just 99 pounds.

Figures that are hard to comprehend. The anti-thirst-quencher is powered by a converted, electronically driven lawn mower engine.

+ Link: SAE International | Photos: Brigham Young University 

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