Cadillac discontinues flagship halo car project

cadillac flagship

And what might seem to be an unfortunate event, Cadillac is no longer continuing the project it has recently started. Designers have been working on a concept car but couldn’t get it right. Reportedly, the car would have the elements of the previous Ciel concept. It would set to be more expensive at about a hundred thousand dollars too. It was supposed to be a new halo flagship car project.

The reason for cancellation was the car didn’t have much “pizzazz” according to some sources. It’s hard to say what kind of pizzazz the brand is looking for and I think it’s too early too tell. Too bad for Cadillac. GM-Cadillac lost another opportunity to rival the Audi A8, BMW 7 series, or the Mercedes S-class.

Photo: Cadillac News

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