Green Motor | Toyota working on a hydrogen-fuel cell-powered car

Toyota working on a hydrogen-fuel cell-powered car

If not electric cars, vehicles with hydrogen fuel-cell will be more popular. More car manufacturers seem to be looking in this direction because it’s environment-friendly, possibly even greener than EVs.

Hydrogen-powered cars are cleaner because they emit water vapor only. This technology has become more advanced throughout the years but it still is far from perfect. I don’t doubt that it will reach a peak someday. That or until a better and more eco-efficient technology is invented.

Hydrogen fuel-cell is still a bit expensive because it requires advanced infrastructure and a lot of money. Toyota wants to be the first to take advantage of the trend by releasing a hydrogen fuel-cell powered vehicle according to a report by Bloomberg. Such sedan is expected to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in November and is targeted to be popular as the Prius. A next year launch won’t be possible though as Toyota is looking at a year 2015 unveiling.

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