Green Motor | Fiat 500e EV sold out this year in California

Fiat 500e EV sold out this year in California

The 2013 Fiat 500e electric car seems to be a success. It could be because of marketing and its leasing promo of $199 per month. The car which impresses with a 116 MPG-equivalent is sold out in California. Of course, CA is the only state in the US where the new Fiat is sold. This means you can’t find the vehicle anywhere in the uS for now. Maybe next year.

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That’s about six months from now so I suggest those who want a Fiat be more patient. It was Jason Stoicevich himself, CEO and President of Fiat North America, who said they are sold out for 2013. I don’t doubt this news but it would be better if we see numbers.

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