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Air Rider Hybrid, A better Hovercraft?

Hovercrafst have been around for some time now and they are pretty fascinating machines once it’s considered that, as the name suggests, they hover above the ground on a pocket of air. While they may be interesting crafts, they do however have their share of problems. Ranging from instability to a very bumpy ride with lots of water spray. These problems are due to the design of the two types of skirts offered for a hovercraft. These are a segmented skirt and a loop skirt design.

Well, a company known as Hoverworks claims to have created a new hybrid design eliminating all the aforementioned issues. Their creation is called the Air Rider and it’s air cushion is a combination of the two basic hovercraft cushion designs to create a loop/ segment hybrid design. This hybrid design incorporates a segmented skirt at the bow with a loop skirt covering the stern.

The advantages to this design are more stability, less spray and the likelihood of the skirt getting snagged and torn is less. This design also allows the Air Rider to negotiate river rapids and stony stream beds better than the conventional designs. Now this sounds awesome!

The Air Rider comes in configurations to fit from 1 to 5 people and it’s powered by a 1.0 liter 4 stroke V twin with an output power of 40 bhp. Whereas the 5 passenger model has an additional 20 bhp 0.6 liter engine to power the lifting fan. The Air Rider weighs from 640 to 770 lbs and has a top speed of approximately 31 to 36 mph depending on the model.

All that said, if you ever wanted to own a hovercraft for your recreational swamp ride or just for the sake of saying you do; the Air Rider seems to be a darn good option. Don’t you think?

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[via] Photos: Air Rider Hovercraft International

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