Sinntal Bridge Demolition #Video

Sinntal Bridge Demolition #Video

I have a feeling we’ll see and feature more demolition videos. One of the best we’ve seen was the demolition of a bridge in Texas. This time, we’ll see a demolition video of a bridge that is next to another bridge. It was a bit tricky for the German engineers.

Demolished was this 46-year old, 700 meter long Sinntal Bridge located in Autoban in Lower Franconia between Würzburg and Fulda. The actual demolition was witnessed by about 8,000 people. The new bridge was kept intact and the old one fell on the outer side.

The old one dying to give birth to a new one as the latter was then opened to the public just an hour after detonation.

Watch video below:

+ Link: CarScoops

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