Green Motor | Toyota’s Electric Concept Car For The Kiddies #Video

Toyota's Electric Concept Car For The Kiddies #Video

Toyota made an appearance last weekend at the Tokyo Toy Show. What were they doing there? Well, They were displaying their kid friendly electric car concept, called the Camette57s. This concept they say, was designed to aid in children learning how to drive.

This new concept though, looks just like the one they showed last year, except for one small change. The roof has been removed. But putting that aside, what is neat about this concept is the removable panels. This makes for the possibility of rather fun design changes.

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Some other  features of the child- friendly Camette57s are it’s adjustable pedals and seats. The rear seat is positioned that the parent can assist their child with braking and steering should they need the help. We see that happening often. Child + car= help needed.

There are yet to be details on the range or power output of the Camette57s and it doesn’t seem as if Toyota has any plans of actually producing it. But it would be a great car for children to prepare themselves for the big bad road in. Just not on the “big bad road” or at any speed over 5 mph.

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