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Hilfe, Audi parkt ein

German auto manufacturer Audi, just showcased Audi Connect which they say, pairs with the INRIX parking database and shows the driver which parking garage has free spots.  Now this is magnificent in itself. But Audi is attempting to take it even one notch higher.

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The company currently has in testing, a new program called Piloted Parking. This new program allows the car and the parking garage to communicate with each other. The car will even pay the garage to raise the gate and let it in!

Now if that wasn’t extreme enough, how about this? After this exchange, the driver should get out of the car. The car will then drive itself, with the help of the garage, to an empty spot. Futuristic shiznit much?

This idea is super innovative to say the least. Hopefully testing goes well and Audi puts Piloted Parking into production pronto.

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