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Super Charging Electric Bus In The Near Future?

Once again, the Europeans are finding new ways to change the way we commute with the future deployment of a 135 seat electric bus. This electric bus only needs 15 seconds to gather enough energy for its journeys. Geneva will be the first country to experience this new development in technology.

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There’s no doubt that making buses electric SOUNDS LIKE a good idea (emphasis on sounds like) but is it really doable? There has always been a challenge in finding the best way to make it work with the current battery technology in the state it is in right now. Many variables have to be balanced out to get the best performance (battery pack weight & price/how often you charge for how long, etc). That’s where the ABB comes in. ABB is a Swiss company that specializes in robotics. They have come up with a method called “flash charging”. With this technique, the bus can still make its regular stops and recharge while passengers come on and off, without interrupting the schedule.

The ABB states: The new boost charging technology will be deployed for the first time on a large capacity electric bus, carrying as many as 135 passengers. The bus will be charged directly at selected stops with a 15-second energy boost while the passengers enter and leave the bus, based on a new type of automatic flash-charging mechanism. The pilot project runs between Geneva airport and the city’s international exhibition center, Palexpo.

The plan is for one of the buses to run from Geneva’s airport to the city’s exhibition centre in Palexpo.

We’re almost sure that if all the kinks get worked out, it’s bound to be successful.

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