Green Motor | Study: Electric cars’ growth is slow but sure

toyota prius electric vehicles

The growth of electric vehicles maybe slow but we’re certain the future where roads are filled with EVs will come sooner than soon. Such eco-friendly vehicles are still expensive but more people are getting more interested in them. It may be a decade from now before EVs go mainstream but at least we only have to wait a few years…in this lifetime.

At the Megatrends auto conference in Dearborn, experts are saying that the current improvement in gas engines will advance the EVs and plug-in hybrids. Looking back, it took hybrids to hit 2 percent but double after another year according to Mike Tinskey of Ford. Meanwhile, a Harris poll is saying that 60 percent of consumers are interested in hybrids while 1 in 4 want plug-in hybrids. Hybrid cars are more expensive to charge than all-electric cars but still cheaper by 25% is using gasoline.

Electric charging stations are multiplying both in Europe and the US. Europe has got 15k while in the US, there are 12,000 charging stations. Some of the popular green cars include the Focus, Fiat 500, Honda Fit, Toyota RAV4 crossover, Smart, and Scion iQ.

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