Green Motor | 2013 Fiat 500e electric car comes with another vehicle

Fiat 500e

If your thinking of buying the hot little Fiat 500e, but your worried about it’s range on those long distance road trips. You need not worry anymore. It seems as though Fiat had that same concern in mind, so they have made an agreement with major car rental chain Enterprise to offer  a gas powered vehicle to 500 e owners whenever those long journeys are being taken on.

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Now how cool is that?

This agreement entitles 50 Fiat e owners to 12 days of gas powered car rentals a year. Hmm, not a bad deal at all. Fiat however is not the only automaker to offer such deals. GM offered a similar deal back in late 2011 for the Chevy Volt and BMW intends to do something similar as well, in regards to the i3.

With these rental deals, it takes some of the anxiety out of purchasing a new electric vehicle. So if the heart yearns for that road trip; a gas powered rental will be there to the rescue.


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