Green Motor | Carsharing: Zipcar Brings Honda Fit EV to LA

Zipcar Brings Honda Fit EV to LA

The Honda Fit EV is now available in Los Angeles for rent, thanks to Zipcar. For those of you who don’t know about Zipcar; It is a car sharing network, recently acquired by Avis.

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The EVs are now available due to a partnership between Honda and Zipcar. LA however, is not the only city to have received this privilege. Portland and San Francisco also offer the Fit EV for rent, through Zipcar.

This is a great concept though. Reason being that it allows the sceptical EV market to try out the vehicle and possible turn them into EV fans. The latter in itself being a huge plus. So if you or anyone you know happen to be interested in renting a Fit; the hourly rate starts at $8.75. That is assuming you or whomever you know are a Zipcar member and over the age of 21.

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