Geek Vehicles | Giraffe-Bike in L.A. #video

Geek Vehicles | Giraffe-Bike in L.A. (video)

Richie Trimble would seem to have full confidence in his cycling abilities – otherwise he would never have even attempted to ride his own bicycle. The two-wheeler is a staggering 4.4m (15ft) high. More than adequate to earn the dubious accolade of “Stoopid Tall Bike”. Trimble himself trades as King of CicLAvia, a bike festival in Los Angeles.

A photo does not do justice to the size of the bike and the courage of its rider. The following 4-minute video should suffice.

Trimble can be seen joining the flow of cyclists, ducking under a bridge, avoiding a kite string and managing to handle a crossing. His chosen final destination is a pier on Venice Beach.

150,000 cyclists pedaled at the festival, held for the sixth time. We can already speculate how high the Most Stoopid Tall Bike will have to be at next year’s festival. The rider will have to come up with a solution how to get bike and body safely under the viaduct…

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