iBeetle: The VW Legend for the Apple Fan

iBeetle: The VW Legend for the Apple Fan

After much speculation, Volkswagen has come up with the goods – a Beetle for the Apple community.

No great surprise: the new old VW legend bears the name iBeetle. However, the Apple contribution is limited to the iPhone taking over entertainment, communication and car computer function via special app.

A central space has been reserved for the iPhone on the car’s dashboard. Here, it can deliver the drivers and passengers’ information and entertainment needs.

iBeetle: The VW Legend for the Apple Fan

The app functions include Spotify (music streaming), Expert (the car’s computer functions), Trainer (compares and evaluates routes), Reader (provides tittle-tattle from social media networks), Postcard (sends digital postcards from the current location), and Photo (uploads photos from the car’s interior to social networks).

Also, the gadget has something called Milestones (along the lines of Foursquare) – the user is rewarded when fulfilling certain tasks.

The iBeetle is expected to grace car showrooms from early 2014 onwards.

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