Concept Cars | BMW X4 Concept Living Up to Expectations #Video

2014 BMW X4 Concept

German car maker BMW has just released a video showcasing their new X4 concept, which they plan to debut at the Shanghai Auto Show next week. Now instinctively, judging by the name, you can probably figure that the X4 fits in between the X3 and X5 in the vehicles line up and features the same high ride height as it’s siblings.

The X4 is described as exhibiting elegance and dynamism, along with strength.

All of the latter, we have come to expect from BMWs and this styling keeps in line with what we have also gotten used to with the rest of the X vehicles.

The production version of the new X4 is going to be manufactured at the plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina and should be available for sale sometime of next year.

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Shanghai Auto Show | BMW X4 Concept Living Up to Expectations #Video


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