NYIAS 2013 | BMW Concept Active Tourer

 BMW plug-in hybrid concept active tourer 

More and more car makers are going greener by coming up with their very own electric vehicles. Even the luxury auto manufacturers are joining the bandwagon. We already saw 2014 Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive and now something from BMW.

Known as the Concept Active Tourer, this one is a compact plug-in hybrid from BMW. It’s just a concept car but BMW is expected to release this model or something similar very soon. First shown off at the Paris Motor Show, the BMW Concept Active Tourer features a small 3-cyclinder engine and electric motor that control the front and rear wheels, respectively. It can only achieve 95 mpg and reach a maximum of 20 miles.

It’s a BMW so the sporty and elegant design is expected. Interior is roomy and the car’s dashboard system can support a number of mobile devices.

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