Slow Motion | The Art of Demolition: US-281 bridge in Texas implodes .. #VIDEO

[Video] Old US-281 bridge in Texas implodes

Over the weekend, locals and tourists spent time at the Lake Marble Falls in Central Texas. There’s no special festival to celebrate, just the largest bridge explosion.

The video above was uploaded by a certain Ando22RE on YouTube. It was recorded using a Nikon D800 & 85mm prime while the “Super Slow Motion” footage was recorded using Canon SX260 HS point and shoot.

I’m at a loss for words because we can only see such in the movies and not like this in real life. If only I knew that such an explosion was going to happen, I’d probably go there and shoot a video myself.

The Texas Department of Transportation is replacing the US-281 truss bridge over Lake Marble Falls. A better and safer bridge will soon be built in its place. Don’t worry about the debris falling into the water as a recycling company will be picking them up. The steel will then be melted and used to make sculpture for the City of Marble Falls. Nothing will be wasted.

Another slow-mo HD footage was shot at 300 frames per second using a RED Epic camera by photographer Kirk Drummond which you can find HERE. It’s actually the first footage I’ve seen and seeing the slow-mo version didn’t impress me much. But then it became awesome when I saw another real time video.

However, the HD slow-motion footage shows other stuff that your eyes can’t easily spot.

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