Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Burn Out

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Burn Out

Most young boys grow up with a dream car in mind. Many a day is spent indulging the imagination with thoughts of driving that awesome sports car on a long and winding road, shifting through gears as tires screech around corners and watching the needle fly around the speedometer as the engine roars through the landscape.

Sometimes it is not so dramatic, just the idea of a cruise through the city to take in the sights as everyone else takes in the car. Some people do actually get that chance to drive some of these marvelous machines that many dream about. With that in mind imagine having to watch as your dream car, whether you ever drove it or not, literally went up in smoke.

This is the case in Shenzen, China, where the owner of a Lamborghini Murchielago LP640, literally could do nothing but watch as their car burned to the ground in the busy street. According to a Chinese media outlet, the driver had allegedly been in the middle of an illegal street race in the downtown area. The car apparently caught fire and spread quickly from behind cabin where the engine was located. Upon realizing the car was on fire the driver had to scramble out of the vehicle. They were unharmed but the damage was done and by the time the fire department made it to the scene, the car was engulfed in flames and black smoke and reduced ashes.

While it is a wonderful thing that the driver is alive at least to tell the tale, it is not hard to imagine that they must have felt some grief watching helplessly as their car…a Lamborghini no less, was reduced to smoldering scrap metal. It is still inconclusive as to if the driver was actually in a race, however it is clear they did not have to crash to actually burn.


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