Elon Musk Gets Silent “Reply” From BOEING

There are sometimes when it seems in the competitive business world is somewhat like a trip back to high school. With everyone watching the last thing anyone wants is to make a mistake or have a problem for fear of the embarrassment from what they wrote on the board, only to have that one person that they really don’t like come and show them where they went wrong. In many ways the business world is like that. But, that does not mean all of them follow such ethics. CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk decided to offer assistance to their competitor Boeing and their engine problem. However for some unknown reason, Boeing has not yet responded.

Boeing has been face apparently with a recent problem with the engine in their 787 models, where the Dreamliner li-ion batteries for the engines apparently overheat and in one case, to the point of combusting mid flight. This resulted in the planes being grounded for months as the National Transportation Safety Board sought to get to the root of the problem to no avail. However Elon Musk of Tesla and also Boeing’s competitor in the space race, has sought to provide sincere assistance in remedying it, stating that he was able to solve the issue of the overheating li-ion batteries and this helping hand was simply a an act of altruism and was in no way meant to cause the company embarrassment. According to Musk the problem lies in a heavy reliance in outsourcing, where Boeing outsourced the battery manufacturing to someone, who in turn, outsourced the contract again. The actual physical fault he pointed out lay in the battery’s design, where the cells are too big but the gaps between them are insufficient, ergo the cells each contribute to overall unvented buildup of heat in the battery.

“We’re still happy to help them with the fix, or just do it for them,” Musk reiterated in front of a capacity crowd in Austin’s Convention Center. However for some reason, to date the aircraft company has not made the call. As to if they will make the call it is still unsure but Elon Musk has at least laid the cards on the table and left the ball in Boeing’s court.

At this point Boeing can really either make use of the information that Musk may have to offer, or perhaps consider decommissioning fleets of planes. This is beyond the principle of saving face as Musk had stated there is no face to save in this transaction but there may be millions of dollars and a step in the right or wrong direction that Boeing will be left to ponder on as they consider the most appropriate response.


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