Mitsubishi’s CA-MiEV; Something New

Mitsubishi CA-MIEV electric car

As a business it sometimes pays off to see a trend, follow it and do what the other successful businesses are doing and when that happens money is made. There are however times when playing the game the safe way shows a lack of vision; because most times it pays to take risks and stand out. This is the stance of Mitsubishi versus many of the other car companies that have sent an electric car out unto the roads.

First off the car that Mitsubishi has let loose, the “I” has a rather intriguing, sleek and futuristic design. To be honest they are very proud of the car’s looks. Sneak peek pictures of the CA-MiEV have already been let out and some of the specs have also been revealed. These include a brand new electric motor, inverter, as well as a wireless charging system. On a full charge, it is supposed to get 186 miles (300 km) of electric driving range, which would be significantly more than the competition at this time. With this in combination with its low weight and aerodynamic design it may not only stand out from its competition but may also leave some of them at the charging station.

It is indeed a unique vehicle that shows it is ready and willing to make use of technology and show drivers that electric cars can be daring and fun. The Geneva Auto show is in for a treat with this one as Mitsubishi seeks to go the extra mile with this model. There is no doubt that this car will be a big shock at this event.


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