e-Co-Motion Offers New Way to Do Business

e-Co-Motion Offers New Way to Do Business

One trend that can be noticed time and time again is that automakers one after another, are branching out and making shots at alternative fuel cars. Whether it is a hybrid, an EV or a hydrogen fuel-powered car, most if not all automakers are looking to show the world they consider the environment and want consumes to know that they should as well. Volkswagen being no different decided that at the Geneva Auto Show, they would strut their stuff with their all-electric 2013 e-Co-Motion Concept.

The e-Co-Motion has a design that seems to target those who own small businesses, with a very panel van like design. It is 179 inches long and 75 inches wide and a cargo capacity of 162 cubic feet and has a maximum payload of more than 1,700 pounds. With all that it sounds like a great idea for people who may run businesses for transporting goods or even for some types of delivery services. The great thing  is that this vehicle is all electric, so companies wanting to make use of this can even consider it an advantage when marketing to their own customers. Looking at the design however it is possible to see where this could be also a wagon or even sold as a refrigerated box van.

Volkswagen has yet to show or confirm any real stats on this model as yet, which may be disclosed in more detail at the Geneva Auto Show. As a zero-emission vehicle it goes right up there with the Nissan e-NV200. It is awesome to see the possibilities that may come from this vehicle not for just Volkswagen, but for their customers as well. With a model such as this e-Co-Motion, Volkswagen has given a new way to do business.


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