Smart Fortwo Boconcept…Another Smart Fortwo

smart fortwo boconcept

Living in the city tends to be  fun and exciting way to live. But for every one person that enjoys that idea, there are probably about 100 people actually living it. Most cities are  overcrowded to say the least and as the population increases, less and less space becomes available and the price of real estate shoots through the roof. Furthermore, the number of people driving increases, so there is increased traffic and less space to park the vehicles.

Then along comes Daimler with the S on their Smart lineup in collaboration with BoConcept, to bring us a new interpretation of the Smart Fortwo Cabriolet using the Brabus model as a base. It features matte oriental brown metallic trim on the paint job, showing the wood colors of furniture and it gives the car an elegant look. The interior is set to match with tobacco brown leather seats, steering wheel and on the interior trim, and the instruments are also similarly coloured. Smart and BoConcept will be placing it on display along with furniture available for the car as two displays at the BoConcept Friedrichstrabe Store in Berlin, the “Smart Fortwo BoConcept signature style” and the “Smartville collection.” The displays seeks to offer the best of both worlds; functionality and style, a must have for living in the city.

Living in the city can be a great thing after all if everything works together. The Smart Fortwo BoConcept as shown that some things do go well together. There may not be many options for living spaces when it comes to a roof over your head but at least your sporty Fortwo looks good rolling down the streets, can park almost anywhere and has its own unique flare to help it stand out. Not that it looks much different from the other Smart Fortwos…


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